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Marquees for windows, balconies, and terraces. We offer sloping, vertical, and horizontal. Canopies (awnings) covering from the sun and rain, for protection and shading of a space in a garden, in front of a house, restaurant, outdoor cafe, pub, etc.

Marquees can be equipped with a sun, wind and rain sensor, as well as with built-in light bulbs and an infrared heater.

Facade blinds

Facade blinds, also called external blinds or outdoor blinds, is a sun-protection system that reflects the rays of the sun rays before they get into the room and, thus, makes it possible to control the heat and light fluxes by creating a cozy and comfortable atmosphere in the room.


Sunbreaker is a practical decorative and architectural element for a building which helps to avoid overheating of interior premises by protecting from rays of the sun and to reduce significantly energy consumption for air conditioning of premises.


The design of a pergola may serve as a "continuation" of a house or play the role of a freestanding canopy in any part of a site.

A sun-protection pergola with a canopy helps to transform the atmosphere where it is needed by creating a saving shady oasis and a comfort zone for staying outdoors, as well as protecting from the sun, wind and rain.


Reflexol is a fabric roll having its main function to darken large openings from outside and from inside of a room, and, beyond that, particularly designed fabrics of high-strength polyester and PVC are not affected by precipitation.

Reflexol perfectly reflects sun's rays helping to maintain a constant, comfortable temperature indoors.

Sun protection systems for veranda

The system Veranda may be applied in an efficient way upon horizontal or sloping glass roofing surfaces and on winter gardens. The system Veranda prevents heating of interior premises, significantly reducing the necessity for air conditioning. Its reliable construction and top quality fabrics ensure long life of use and an excellent performance.

New Arrivals

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