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Pergola SOLAR

Pergola SOLAR

Revolution on the market

The first solution on the market with integrated solar panels in lamellas. Thanks to the possibility of covering the entire roof with panels and dimensions up to 4x6 m, the pergola can generate up to 1.1 kW of energy.

IF Design Award 2021 Winner

Every year, the iF DESIGN AWARD identifies outstanding design, its relevance for business and everyday life and awards one of the most important seals of quality in the world. This year, our product Pergola Solar was awarded by this prestigious title.

Photovoltaic roof

The integration of photovoltaic panels in the lamellas gives the user a large area to generate electricity. The pergola roof is able to generate 80W of energy from 1 sqm of surface, thanks to which it provides enough electricity to power the pergola, motors responsible for the movement of slats, zips screens, lighting, and other accessories with which the pergola is equipped, such as USB sockets or speakers. In the future, the surplus of electricity generated by the pergola can be fed into the power grid, thanks to which it will be able to function as a home solar power plant.

Spot lighting in the lamellas

There is possibility of using spot lighting in the slats constituting the roof structure. Thanks to them, even after dark, under pergola will be as bright as during the day.


Can be used wherever the user wants to use the space around the house, and  there  is  no  possibility  of  connecting  an  external  energy  source. Thanks  to  the  use  of  a photovoltaic roof, we can power not only the pergola and its accessories, but also other devices in the house. PERGOLA SOLAR can be an alternative to standard photovoltaic installations.

Integrated battery packs

Each pergola is equipped with a set of batteries that ensure trouble-free operation of the roof, side screens and peripheral elements such as lighting or USB connectors. Thanks to the use of modular batteries, we can adjust their quantity to the energy demand of a given pergola.

Drainage system

The special structure of the lamellas and the gutter ensures continuous water drainage, even in heavy rain. The deep space for water in the lamellas drains it to one of the gutters - from there the water is led to the ground through the legs of the pergola. It is up to you what you do with it - you can collect it for use in the garden or discharge it directly into the ground.

Lamella roof with photovoltaics

The lamella roof allows for versatility in creating space under the pergola. The slats rotate in a wide range - the angle of their rotation is 135 degrees. Thanks to this, we can obtain a tight sheathing that protects against sun, wind and rain. The gentle opening of the roof offers airflow and ventilation while providing shade. Turning to the maximum angle allows the sun to enter the pergola.

Standard lamella roof

It is also possible to order a roof without photovoltaic panels, while maintaining all the amenities associated with rotating lamellas - thermal insulation, tight roof, the Wability to adjust the amount of light falling under the pergola. A pergola without integrated photovoltaic requires connection to an external power source.

Photovoltaic side panels

Photovoltaic side panels provide an additional opportunity to generate energy. They are offered in a sliding system, so you can place them wherever you need shade. In addition, the ability to rotate the slats allows you to let in as much sun as you need. The panels are capable of generating up to 80W of energy from one square meter.

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