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Brand: MOL
Semi-cassette awnings ADAGIOThe main advantage of the awning is the semi-cassette, which protects the fabric from adverse weather conditions. In standard: Manual operations (crank)Wall & Ceiling bracketsFabric "BROWN" and "SILVER" collectionValanceAngle of inclination 15°Extra charge:LED li..
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Brand: MOL
Awnings ALLEGRO - Perfect for rainPerfect when the awning needs to be hung at a very low heightIncreases the space under the awningA perfect choice for facade windows in the west, better protection from rain and windEasy to installExtra charge:LED light in the front barMotorRafter bracketsWater..
Ex Tax:1,144.63€
Awnings AMARETTO - lateral cover (side screen)
Brand: MOL
Awnings AMARETTO - Lateral cover (side screen) is used to protect against solar rays, wind and curious looks of neighbors, protecting our private space.Suitable for use on balconies and terracesProtects against sunlight, wind gusts and curious glances neighborsVery easily attached due to the lightwe..
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Brand: SELT
The marquise Australia is ideal for large terraces.Framework is made of extruded aluminumArms with chain mechanism “Flyer”Square joistRoller tube is supported in case of large widthUsing of the joist facilitates the installationConstruction can be installed even on the small spacePossibility to use ..
Ex Tax:619.83€
Awnings BIG
Brand: MOL
Awnings BIG - Large size awningIn standardMotor:width < 600 cm VECTRAN NHK (S50-VE-RK)width > 600 cm TITAN NHK (S100-TI-RK)Wall bracketsValanceFabric "BROWN" and "SILVER" collectionAngle of inclination 15°Extra charge:HoodFabric "GOLD" collectionFront bar support..
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Brand: SELT
Bora side screen is used to protect against solar rays, wind and curious looks of neighbors, protecting our private space.The awning can be easily mounted to any surface. As a standard, three variants are available, allowing the holder to be mounted to a tensioning pole with fixing to a hard or soft..
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Brand: SELT
Casablanca is a cassette awning perfect for large terraces.Thanks to its built this awning is not only a perfect way of protecting from the sun, but also an aesthetic decorative part of the building. Specially designed construction from extruded aluminium ensures strength and durability of the awnin..
Ex Tax:1,210.74€
Awnings COMO & CAPRI
Brand: MOL
Awnings COMO & CAPRI - dedicated to the markize of balcony window niches, windows, balconies, terraces and verandas protection from the sunThis type of awnings can be attached to both the wall and the ceiling.The design allows you to adjust the angle of inclination, it is easy to attach.For an a..
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Brand: SELT
Corsica is an awning designed with the idea of shading modernterraces in mind.Its construction is made from extruded aluminium,which ensures strength and durability of the awning, and Flyer’schain used in the arms in connection with precisely made jointsguarantees its long-term dependable operation...
Ex Tax:1,057.85€
Awnings CROSS
Brand: MOL
Awnings CROSS - Projection bigger than widthThis type of awning can be installed in a place where you are limited by the width of the wall or recess...
Ex Tax:1,115.70€
Awnings DAKAR Awnings DAKAR
Brand: SELT
The Dakar awning is the marquise elegance equipped with a full sealed cassette protecting the material against external factors. The maximum dimensions of the awning are 6 m wide and 3.6 m outreach. Robust execution of joints equipped with a Flyer chain guarantee durability and reliable operation. A..
Ex Tax:1,132.23€
Brand: SELT
Giant thanks to its very solid construction makes for aperfect way of shading large surface areas, like terraces or open-airrestaurants, becoming a great alternative to the more permanentroofing systems. Construction is made from extruded aluminiumand supported by double square bar. Aluminium arms w..
Ex Tax:2,793.39€
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